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Custom Hand Lettered Envelopes, Placecards and Seating Charts

You will spend countless hours of careful planning in order to create the perfect wedding, party or event. One which will reflect your personal style and provide a memorable event for you and your guests. Everyone knows how important it is to make a good first impression. The first impression your guests will receive of your event is the envelope containing your invitation, and that will set the tone. Having each envelope personalized with the beautiful art of calligraphy will show each guest your good taste. While computer technology has revolutionized the task of writing, etiquette dictates that it is proper for invitations to special events be lettered by hand. All of our calligraphy is hand-lettered by the skilled artist of Pen Graphics Studio, Inc., using only the highest quality materials. For a special event, quality and elegance should not be sacrificed. 

Lettering Samples







Italic Variation - Any of the above styles can be varied to better compliment your invitation. Since everything we do is custom lettered by hand, the possibilities are endless.

Scroll with a Large Initial Capital and a Custom Color  - we are able to custom match or compliment any color. 

Contemporary with a Large Initial Capital - White on Black - Because every envelope is lettered by hand, we can accomodate any color, size, weight and type of paper.

The samples below are representative of the work we have done. Each job is custom-designed to your specifications

We can also hand letter your placecards in one of our beautiful calligraphic styles or for an alternative you may decide on a hand lettered seating scroll or chart. 

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